Aptidea Inc.
                                                                                                From Apt Ideas to Integrated Solutions
Aptidea Inc. focuses on providing innovative, value added and cost-effective software solutions to its clients.

In the pursuit of accomplishing this goal, Aptidea Inc. has acquired a reputation of delivering highest standards, integrated, timely solutions within the client’s budget, thus achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.

We are a people-oriented company. Our people form the backbone of our company. We care for them just as we care for our clients.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture underlines the way in which things get done in an organization. Our system of shared values focus on honesty, reliability and responsibility towards our clients and employees. Our corporate culture is very relaxed, friendly, informal and open.

We firmly believe that people are the most valuable asset in service industry. The rate at which the value of our staff increases is related to their natural ability, their motivation and the opportunities they have to get jobs or to achieve promotions. We work on developing people to increase their productivity.

We work closely with our people and provide them with opportunities of improving performance and skills by training them at an ongoing basis.

Motivated People

We believe that if our people are to achieve the results we are aiming at, they must be well motivated. That is, they must be made to want what we want them to want. To ensure that our people are well motivated is essentially the focus of our leadership. We make use of appropriate management and leadership styles to make our people remain focused on their goals and remain motivated.


The job environment of the individual is the most important variable affecting his development. Unless that environment is conducive to his growth, none of the other things we do to him or for him will be effective. That is why we firmly believe in the fact that managers are grown and they are neither borne nor made. And our aim is to provide conditions favorable to faster growth of our team managers.

Please email us at jobs@aptidea.com to request for a Prospective Employee Brochure.
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